Stay with us


Double room, private veranda and ensuite bathroom


A Twin room, ensuite bathroom and open-air shower


Worry free glamping with our equipped camping set


Enjoy our self-catering camp spots with river view


Go back to basics at our ‘Into the Wild’ camp


Boat cruise

Embark on our ‘Kasabushi’, an aluminum nine-seater, and enjoy the most stunning section of the Kafue River. Cruising around granite boulders and islands, through small channels, rapids and along lush green sand banks. Watch as graceful hippos pop up from under the water, crocodiles sun themselves on riverbanks, and exotic birds take flight from the surrounding trees.

Bird watching

Safari isn’t just about big game. Kasabushi and the area around it is a bird watcher’s paradise, with countless species of colorful birds adorning the skies. You will very likely spot vibrant kingfishers, majestic eagles, delicate weavers around the camp and if you’re very lucky maybe even the rare Pel's fishing owl.


Catch the sunrise from the top of the granite ‘Lubalanzuki’ rock and enjoy the 360° view over what feels like endless nature. An experience like no other and your very own “everything the light touches is yours” moment.

Game viewing

Experience the wild at its best with a guided game drive. Board our safari vehicle, equipped with open rooftops and unobstructed views. Our guides are your storytellers, sharing their vast knowledge of the flora and fauna, while tracking elusive wildlife.

Visit the rapids

Visit the rapids with its beautiful scenery of granite rock formations, birdlife and it’s lush green sand banks. In September and October you may find some clear water natural pools to dip your toes and cool down after a warm day of dusty game drives.


Joining a yoga class by the river is an invitation to harmonize with the elements, connect with nature and find inner balance in a setting that resonates with serenity. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a beginner, you will experience a profound sense of well-being and connection.

Stay with us

  • Experience true wilderness
  • Remote & intimate retreat.
  • Diversity of wildlife, flora and fauna
  • Experienced guides & exclusive activities
  • Stunning river views
  • Submerged within the orchestra of nature’s sounds
  • Family owned and run
  • Hospitality at heart

Our Story

“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough”
– Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

The origin of our story is strongly connected to the philosophy to dream big, to be led by passion, ambition and curiosity. To live to our full capacity and to unfold untapped opportunities.
It’s a love story, where our calculated, safe and organized life in the west was replaced by the unpredictable, wild and beautiful African bush.

"A piece of art. Both the campsite and the lodge are located on the Kafue River."

"We spent 3 nights at Kasabushi Camp during our self-drive safari in Zambia, and it definitely was the best camping experience we had."

"The activities they offer are rewarding and very carefully planned in order to give you the best experience; I recommend the early morning game drive with a hike on a granite rock to admire the sunrise and the boat trip in the river at sunset time."

"A beautiful lodge (and separate self catering camping area) on the Kafue river. Food is outstanding. I am still amazed how you can have such nice ice cream when the nearest supermarket is hours away."

"If you are looking for an authentic bush experience in the wilderness of Kafue park with a touch of class and reliable expertise, Kasabushi is the place to be!"

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Kasabushi Camp

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